Wanted: Friendly Faces

Want to lend a hand and help create the magic that is the Birthplace of Route 66 Festival? Join in the fun as a Festival Host! Hosts are those who live or own businesses in the festival footprint and want to help us make festivalgoers feel welcome and enjoy themselves, while promoting all that downtown Springfield offers.

Hosts can do anything from serving as a friendly face for attendees as they come and go through entry points at the festival, hosting a parade-watching party on your balcony, handing out yummy samples from your restaurant or creating Route 66-themed goods and services to take advantage of the built-in customer base that the festival brings to downtown Springfield.

Remember, the festival brings thousands of folks to downtown Springfield who want to immerse themselves and leave with great memories of all they experienced.

Route 66 enthusiasts enjoy collectible keepsakes from mom-and-pop businesses. Think T-shirts, mugs, shot glasses, and dining options such as blue plate and drink specials that change daily and are priced competitively. Specially priced to-go items and coffee are also sought after. Clever discounts and promotions like happy hours, coupons and partnerships with other local businesses will attract customers.  

Tips for business owners:

  • Be prepared to handle the altered business environment. Increased crowds can be an opportunity if you’re prepared or a burden if you’re not.
  • Consider whether you’ll benefit from having additional/different inventory, staffing or operational hours to ensure you’ll seize the moment.
  • Get creative with temporary product names, designs and signage.

Events this size only happen in Springfield every so often…this is an opportunity to attract people to downtown Springfield with the goal for us to collectively and successfully encourage them to make return visits long after the last festival note is played.that