Come to the Old Glass Place, 501 E. St. Louis (east end of the car show), Friday, Aug. 9 and Saturday, Aug. 10 to experience the vibrant, annual gathering of authors, artists, associations & collectors affiliated with Route 66. Offering creative displays of memorabilia, information about their products and services and items for sale, there are sure to be items of interest for a wide range of people. Come visit with them about Route 66 and see what they have to offer.

2019 Confirmed Exhibitors & Vendors

Mike & Sharon Ward, Mesa, AZ (maps, postcards)
photo of mike and sharon ward sporting route 66 themed shirts Mike and Sharon Ward both grew up in Southern Illinois in the towns of Marion and Energy. They never met until after Mike left to join the Air Force in 1966. They married in 1969 and spent the next 20 years traveling and going to where the Air Force said to go, and sometimes travel took them down Route 66. Retirement from the Air Force in 1989 and settling down in Mesa, Arizona meant a change in jobs but it didn’t change their interest in travel. They reconnected with Route 66 in the early 1990s and for the past 20+ years have traveled and supported Route 66 in many ways. Mike has collected old road maps most of his life and added a Route 66 postcard collecting hobby about 15 years ago. Those two hobbies have been combined into an interesting and visual display which has been shown at many Route 66 festivals and gatherings. They both enjoy talking to others about Route 66 and sharing their passion for the road.
Steve Rider, Albany, NY

photo of steve rider sitting in a vintage convertibleSteve Rider, a retired teacher from Albany, NY, has been cruising Route 66 and collecting memorabilia since the mid-1990s. Steve always displays a variety of vintage items that frequently includes road signs, pennants, maps, postcards, brochures, and other unusual items.
Mark Potter, Vernon, TX (memorabilia)

outdoor portrait of mark potter in a dark suitMark Potter is a newspaper editor in Vernon, TX and has been driving, writing stories, collecting memorabilia and researching Route 66 for some 25 years. Potter is a member of the National Historic Route 66 Federation and regularly contributes to the Oklahoma Route 66 Museum in Clinton. He has driven virtually the entire length of Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles (though not all at one time) through all 8 states. Potter has presented collectible displays related to Route 66 in his hometown as well as various Route 66 festivals through the years and has done presentations related to the Mother Road to schools and civic organizations

Missouri Division of Tourism, Near Conway, MO
logo: text reading missouri, enjoy the show and multicolor burst from the o in missouriThe Missouri Division of Tourism promotes all of Missouri’s unique travel destinations and road trips, including Route 66. They offer the Missouri Route 66 Welcome Center on I-44 near Conway. Informational materials are provided for all there is to see and do in Missouri. Take a trip down Missouri Route 66, and “Enjoy the Show!

Event Details

Aug. 9, 2019

Authors, Artists, Collectors & Associations
Friday | 12 - 4 PM

Aug. 10, 2019

Authors, Artists, Collectors & Associations
Saturday | 10 AM - 4 PM

Participant/Vendor Info

We'd love to have you be a part of this fun event in 2019. You will need a Group Sales Event license from the City of Springfield if you are selling a service, face-painting, or merchandise. The minimum, one-month version is only $5!

More information, including additional length terms and pricing, is included on the Group Sales Event application.